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Saturday, July 29, 2006

And then came Saturday......
Earlier today, I had done a little housekeeping, cooked a bit, caked a bit and tried to keep Remi and Babs entertained…NOT. Remi and I went to some shop around the way to do our dids. Dupe, Funmi and Seyi dropped by briefly.
Tomi is moving to Florida! Miami to be precise and Dupe is throwing her this send off shindig tonight. The plan was to go to the mall to get her going away gift but I made a quick detour to Belk to visit my beloved bag! Yes! dreams do come true and if you loved me you would get me my latest obsession… Juicy Couture Lambskin Jane Satchel! Hey my birthday is coming up naw!!!! There was my baby sitting pretty on the self, waiting for me to holla (you gonna wait a while too!) still looks the same not a damn thing’s changed since the other 15 times I had been to visit! Ok back to reality, let me go find my going away gift jare!

Stacy wanted to hang out with me, I am not much for Oyinbo kinda hang out were you drink to stupor and flash the bartender…no sir, I am more a sit down absorb the music, smoke my boro and vibe kinda hang out so I compromised and brought her around my folks. I already decided that I wasn’t going to eat; I will jejely order me some sweet tea and mingle, I had never been to the joint but since its Tomi’s pick, I am leaving my check card at home! That heifer is high maintenance! Besides I don’t eat where I can’t pronounce the items on the menu! Yes O! My name is Bola and I am razz and what?

Everyone was in the building! Let me just say my girl Isla AKA Ade AKA Maid of Honor was repping tonight boi! I mean damn! Denrele on the real I will trade you a pot of obe buka for that top? Loving it ….holla at you girl!

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I am so glad I disabled my comments! Ashandy wouldn’t stop yapping my beads she said I resemble Orisha Bunmi! I hate you Shade! you make me sick! That’s why your ass is Pregnant! Buhahahahaha!!!

Had a lot of fun, apparently there was an after party but my old school ass will have to pass. Tomi darling, good luck with Miami and tell all the PAPIs Queen B says hey!!!


Friday, July 28, 2006

My nu-nu is back from Jamaica!



Yanju and Omolayo

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I spoke with Princess O and she was telling me about all the great things she did it Jamaica. “Mummy, I went snorkeling and swimming and boat rides and we played with wild cats and we went to Margaritaville and we ate chicken and chips and I am really tanned. Everyone kept asking Yanju and I if we were twins cause we dressed alike, just cause people dress alike doesn’t mean they are twins, we kept telling them no but the kept asking questions, everyone wanted to talk to us so I told Yanju it would be easier just to say yes we are twins then they would leave us alone, I had fun mummy and I missed you wish you could come. I was even scared of the water” she went on and on and I was like WOW my baby girl had some fun! Omolayo and Yanju ( my sister’s daughter) are 2 months apart, my sister dresses them alike. Yanju is reserved, quiet and petite in frame and Omolayo is friendly, loud and big for her age, its so much fun watching them grow together, it reminds me of my cousins and I growing up! (Bisi, Titi, Bisoye Bimbo, Biola...yall remeber?)
My sister told me how Omolayo begged her to get me cigarettes for my birthday! Shame on you Bola!!! She told my sister “I know its bad for you but my mummy can’t help it” Da hell? My sister refused so they got me wine instead. Omolayo made me promise to pick her up in August because she wants to be here for my birthday! My nunu is sooooo sweet! I love you Princess O…I can’t wait till you come home!!!!

Big Sis and Uncle Folusho…thanks for taking my baby to Jamaica with your family!!!

My Nu-Nu


The girls with their Aunt

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wonders never end!
Mrs. Abu-Bakr has been married twice, it’s not her fault really her first husband was complete ass, slept with all the girls about town and did not even bother to be sleek about it. He would bring the girls to the guest house adjacent to his main house in the same compound. It was detached from the main house but Mrs. Abu-Bakr could see them strolling in and out. What could she do? She was just a poor village girl with no formal education that fell in the arms of Alhaji that had enough money to buy her village and everyone in it. She bore him two kids Aishat amd Raffi. Raffi was just like her dad, she would fuck anything in site, she had dis-virgined their Calabar house boy and gave the gateman crabs! Aisha was nothing like her sister; she was book smart and had gotten a scholarship to study law at Yale. Raffi did not care much about school, she was hot so she figured she would eventually land an old douche bag with a wad of money and would live happily ever after.
Mr. Abubaker died in his guest room; apparently he had overdosed on Viagra and suffered a blood clot in his brain! Mrs Abubakar was not fazed; he deserved to go out like a punk! He was quickly buried and Mrs Abubaker moved her first love in. Sayeed had been patient, he had watched for 22 years as Mrs Abubaker lived out her dreams, she would send him money and he had aquired a small land in Onicha were he raised chicken, he was doing well, he never married with the hope of one day being with the love of his life. The girls were just 19 and 21. Aishat had a striking resemblance to her mother; she also had her mother’s mannerism. Sayeed could the young woman he was in love with so long ago in Aishat, Rafii could not stand what was going on, she would not be deprived of attention in this house! Over some village farmer? She had to have him too!

Wait wait wait! Let me stop! Hold the hell up! I am cracking myself up at this badly written drama! Look Remi, Shade thelma, moji and Femi, Anonymous 1, 2 and 3 and all you other folks that have been waiting for me to blog….has it occurred to you that I don’t have shit to say today? Buhahaha!!! Come on! Now Mrs Abubakar and Raffi and Aisha are going panashukwu Sule or is it Saheed! All three will have his child and live happily ever after! Da hell! And shouldnt they be from Kano or so? Since they are Hausa? Isnt Onicha like.... Ibo land? ROTFLMAO! Ok, I am really busy; I will work on this story later! There ….I have blogged! Leef me jo!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Adewunmi!!

Bola and Dewunmi

Shade, Dewunmi, QueenB and Bode

My boy Dewunmi is officially Old School…. yup! We went out to dinner in his honor on Friday. It was very nice, everyone came out to show Dewunmi some love. This brother is the only MOFO I know that is loved by EVERYONE!!! As in no one has anything ill to say about him! He is a perfect gentleman, sweet and is always there when you need him. He has been instrumental in all four of my moves in the 2+ years I have been in Raleigh. I have mad love for this dude. Ladies he is single o…so holla at me for his digits!

So we did Twisted Forks, nice joint, food was aii, afterwards, I rushed home to meet LA. Mo and LA were in town for the weekend it is promised to be a sick time! Mo spent the night at Gbemi’s so LA and I went down to Bogarts to chill with Remi and Ade. I did a few shots and still maintained…I am getting better at this crunk thing o! We had an absolute blast. We went to them Remi’s house, rumor had it that mumsy cooked Egusi Ijebu ….AWWW SIX….it was on! Nevermind the fact that it was 3AM, I made some Pounded yam and we all ate, except for Ade (She is watching her height). We got home at about 4:30am…omo, I was done!

On Saturday I was up early, went to the fish market cause my girls wanted some cat fish, I stopped at the farmers market for some veggies and headed back home to cooked and Gbemi and Moji came by, we ate and carried on till about 5pm. We headed to South Point, which is our usual hang out when my dawgs are in town. We shopped for a bit and then we watched the funny Dupree movie…Caucasian humor….Moji loves that! After the movies we went to them Remi’s house and to my disappointment there was no food! Ashandy beat us to it! we all hung out till about 11pm.
Moji, Lola and I went back to my house to change, we went back to Bogarts, how about there was a live band, cant recall the name but dude is good! ****Sidetrack (Remi we should get him for your engagement party…That would be hot!)End sidetrack****
Funmi and Dupe came out with us….it was Bananas! I sipped everyone’s drink and was acting all kinds of foolish afterwards. I gave Remi a lap dance. We witnessed an accident where this Ford explorer hit a G35 and bolted, he realized he couldn’t get far so he stopped. The white dude from the G35 jumped out and slammed on the Explorer’s window….Ope lope POPO, he would have gotten his ass kicked kinta kunte style!
I told the POPO I saw the whole thing and I would testify for a small fee of $10!
I was flirting with the four feet oyinbo boy for his hot dog…buhahahaha, yall know them hotdogs they sell out the buggy? He had one and I wanted it! He gave me a bite! All my friends confirmed I gatmadrishoes! I had fun sha.
I called my baby when I got home, I guess he was sleeping…I decided to sleep too we have church tomorrow.
I opened my eyes Sunday morning at about 11:30! Church started at 10am. Moji and Lola were not up for it, I rushed to get ready but I was told service was over at 1pm….God please forgive my trifling ass! I went to the butcher shop and bought meat and I cooked fried stew and dodo for my girls. LA and I fought as usual and Moji played referee except, she sucked at it. We ate and vibed for a bit more and they headed out at about 4pm. I caked for a hour before heading out to Vicky’s to watch Yoruba movies with the rest of the crew.
I was tired as hell so I slept off but Dupe kept blowing up my phone, she told me to get up and open the door, she came with Twizzzy TW, they begged me to put on some pants but Twizzzy deserved to be tourtured. Seyi Idowu…AKA Twizzy TW is a complete jackass but I love him die. We hung out for a while and watched Keisha Cole's ghetto ass on BET! I followed Dupe home to get my baffs that Peju sent me! Yes o Peju my side kick from last summer, Dayo boy’s sister sent me naija baffs! It on!! I love you Peju!!!! Muah!!! I finally took my ass to bed at Midnight….had nothing but sweet dreams!!!

My name is Bola and I am in a very happy place….care to join me?

Remi Ade and I

Twizzy TW and I
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Dewunmi's Pictures

Moji and Lola in my hood

Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

By His Grace
Last Sunday I heard a sermon about Grace and how is often not deserved but with God’s grace you can achieve so much and I have always known I had Grace but that doesn’t take the thrill away each time something great happens to me, I am in constant awe at how favored I am.
Earlier this week I had a meeting with my boss, a meeting he had been trying to schedule for a couple weeks now but I was too busy to keep. We finally met up and he went over my annual review. To my surprise I did extremely well in all areas. He started by telling me that I tend to intimidate people to want to do what I ask, I force my priorities on others while maintaining a professional disposition. I am assertive and take complete ownership of all tasks. The only time senses frustration from me is when I can’t get feedback according to my timing. He finished with “And that’s what great leaders are made of” I was overwhelmed with his assessment of me. I mean damn! What I thought should be flaws turned out to work in my favor, if that’s not Grace, I don’t know what is. So I have been invited to an appreciation Luncheon! Yes o, I get an award for kicking ass; apparently I scored the highest in my division! Oh and I get a raise too! God loves me O!!!
I worked Monday and Tuesday night, tired as hell but I still had energy to cake before finally dosing at about 3am.
Last night, I treated myself to Chinese from around my way, I have decided to cut back on eating out but I deserved a treat. They had a live band next door so I sat outside and chilled for a bit. Seyi and Dupe came over to chill for a bit and we watched The Hill on MTV. I woke up feeling like shit this morning, my eyes were swollen and gooey, I looked at the time and it was 9:30am!! The hell…I did not set my alarm so I overslept I promised my co-worker I’d bring him some curry chicken so I was cooking rice at 10am imagine? I finally made it in by 11am! The weird part about it was no one seemed to care! I really have to start getting here earlier.
I have been so preoccupied lately that I haven’t been consistent in with my blogging…I got an email yesterday from 2 people demanding to know why I did not blog…HHEHEHE! Okay o…no vex, I go dey try.
Hey …..I am thinking about enabling my comments again….its seems Anonymous has found a daytime job so I am no longer on her list of to do, even the text has stopped , that’s too bad, I was just starting to enjoy them.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Wey your particulars
Please alert the media! I got pulled over Sunday night, yep the POPO don caught up with my law breaking, traffic violating ass! I was minding my business going to my house jejely, ran out of smokes so I had to drive out for some MLNM (Marlboro Lights Non Menthol). As I was inhaling my last drag, I heard a siren and turned around…Wahla there was the POPO. Apparently dude had followed me from the gas station up the street! Here I am 60 seconds from my crib and I get pulled over. Its official, I am going to jail, I thought to myself considering the numerous offences I would be charged with. Expired tags…since August 05, MD tags even though I have been living in NC since March of 04, missing rear view mirror ( Omolayo ripped it out), broken windshield ( a rock hit it in motion), tail lights out, headlights out, no insurance and then just plain driving in the filth I call a car! Thoughts of the cell I’d have to sleep in filled my mind as the white Al roker lookalike approached my vehicle. He smiled like he won the lottery and told me it was getting dark so I should turn on my head lights, then he asked me if I stayed around here, I told him I lived in MD and I was just visiting, then he asked me how long I was here for blah blah crap! I kept smiling like a fool cause I did not want him to ask me for my registration. He handed me his card and told me to call him when next I’m in town! Hen Say Kini? Were did you not get the memo/ I hate the POPO!!! I still haven’t recovered from the 2 tickets yall gave me last year, a day apart for driving 40 miles an hour! So what if it’s a school zone! Bombaclot! He finally said good night and I was outtie. Officer Clyde…pucker up and kiss my royal behind!
Sunday sermon was deep man, it was about grace and how unnatural phenomena’s aka miracles happen to you by God grace. How things that are not logical become the norm in our lives, I was tuned in. Amen to that. I wish you Grace that will blow your mind!
Okay so Remi and Ade came over my crib, I cooked rice and we ate, they both embarrassed the hell out of my but its all good! Payback is a biach!!!
Remi wanted to go swimming so we went to get suits. Denrele and I did not get in the pool, we aint messing up our hair no Sir!! I sat at the edge of the pool and then we layed out on the bench and got our tan on. Later in the evening we rolled to Asandy’s crib, please tell me why that heifer cooked Egusi…Ijebu style with panla, fuku, isan and turkey all panashukwing in the pot! Omo it was on!!! I made eba and ate in silence; it was one hell of good! The others had pounded yam, I ate a bit of that too! Omobolanle you greedy sha kai!! We gisted and then we made our leave…I slept great!

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Little Bride Omolayo at Funmi and Shade's wedding

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Saturday
My baby is in Jamaica now...oga o, I miss her gannnnn ni o! I spoke with her and she said my sister was being mean, just like me but its alright cause she know its all love! That kid is soooo smart she scares me!
Remi and her fabulous bridesmaid all went for our fitting today, HEHEHEHE Mehn haters gonna really hate on that day boy cause I look sexy as hell in my dress...If I may so so myself! It was fun..... lasted 6 hours!! Who knew? Omo this wedding thing is not a joke o!
for my day, I am going to the justice of peace, we'll order Chinese afterwards and call it...I do!!! Save a rack of money and go shoe shopping!!
I doubt Iya Nikky will go for that shit, my mama loves to parry!!!
Anyway, so Remi is happy, bridesmaids are happy what else is there to do. We even found a dress for Princess O!!! My baby gonna look all kinds of fabulous...What can I say...She got it from her mama! But on the real though, this is the last wedding Omolayo is doing, kilode? Na major gbese be that and yall know my ass is broke! I am sure Remi will buy Molayo's dress sef if need be and if Molayo was not in the wedding, she would be mad at Remi for life! She already says she is the little bride for Aunty Remi, Aunty Denrele, Aunty Dupe, Aunty Oyinade, Aunty Lola and she would be for Aunty Moji's but she will allow Oyin ( Mo's neice) to do it. Please do the math...Molayo better get a job quick!!!
Anywho, after the fitting we had dinner at this Buffet joint. Food was decent, I wasn't really hungry though. So afterwards I rushed home to cake ( BTW...cake means to talk endlessly...with the opposite sex) hehehe. My name is Omobolanle and I am certifiably mad!!!

PS...Gbemi please bring my phone O! hen hen...I have people to talk to and anonymous texts to receive!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can you blame me?
Can you really blame me?

Can you blame me for doubting you?
Can you blame me for not trusting you?
Can you blame me for holding back?
Can you blame me for being scared?
Can you really blame me?

Have you had your heart ripped out your chest?
Have you been compared with all the rest?
Have you given your all and it still wasn’t enough?

Have you had anyone unworthy walking your pace?
And then eventually taking your place?
Forcing you to act out of haste?

Have you been silenced by shame?
Has your silence been mistaken for stupidity?
Have you ever misplaced your integrity?

So can you really blame me?

Yeah you give me all I need
Yeah you say I am your queen
Yeah you are there for me in time of need
But can you blame me if I won’t let you lead?
Can you really blame me?

Can you be mad that I won’t let you love me?
And that I’m afraid you just might hurt me?
You say I lack emotions but can you blame me?

I know its wrong of me to take out all the hurt on you
I know you are different and you’ve proved yourself
Yes I respect you for putting up with me
But can you blame me if I hesitate?
Will you be patient if I’d rather wait?

I pray you will.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

There are lots of things that make me go hmmm lately. There is a very unnatural phenomenon occurring in my life these days. I cant stop smiling, I stay at work really late, not cause I am working but because I am day dreaming, I really feel like I am being punked! Remi spent the night the other day and I tortured her with my theory and she suspects its a conspiracy...hmmm, I guess only time will tell.

Please tell me why my ass almost got fired from my Marlboro job! I was supposed to work and I had no idea, I was chilling with Remi watching videos, Dupe called me but Remi was on my phone so I missed her call, I called Dupe back and got her voice mail. At about midnight Dupe called me again....yeparipa!!! Okay, I was home doing Jack Shit, so why did I not go to work? I soooo did not know I was on the schedule. My boss was livid but we kissed and made up, I am back in the running for employee of the year!! Yay!!!

Gbemi has my phone O, since Sunday...na wetin? Ok.... Tonight I will drive to Gbemi's crib and get my phone. I don't even miss the piece of crap sef, I am so engrossed with this phenomenon that nothing even matters! ***Note to self*** Stop smiling like an idiot and get some work done!
Okay so I got the most pleasant wake up call this morning, too bad I was on my way out and I couldn't cake. Best caking time *** Early MO MO or late at night*** makes your day and seals your evening....hehehe!!!

I am in love with my hair...Is that possible? Well it is now! I just got this new hair cut, its a lot shorter than what I was going for but I absofukinglutely love it, and my color is growing on me too.

I spoke with Omolayo, she is having mad fun and I am hating! I scolded her for not calling me yesterday! The hell "I am your mummy dammit" I couldn't see her but I am pretty sure she was rolling her eyes! She reminded me that she was going to Jamaica on Friday. Omo make them no steal my Princess O from me o!! Sis... guard my child with your life or else!!!

Remi and I were going over her wedding details last night, I cant believe its only 4 months away!! O and guess what yall...I am a bridesmaid!!! Ade is the Maid of Honor but its all good, I am learning to accept it. "Ade...I Omobolanle will resist the urge to step on your dress on D day, I will not mix shaving powder in your hair dress as I had planned so you will be bald for the wedding, I will not accidentally poor red kool aid on your dress and I will not spray you down with a water gun right after you get your make-up done. This is my solemn vow" I have decided to recite this and get it in my huge but still sexy forehead.

Dupe used me last night, she had me cook her Asaro and she said she would join me and help me with it, the heifer showed up 2 hours later, food cooked, dishes washed later o! Then she had the nerve to say it tasted bland....Well it sorta did sha! But seriously I am sick and tired of both Dupe and Seyi using me for there catering needs!!! They know I like to cook so they pretend to enjoy my company!!!

Got to go now...be back later

Monday, July 10, 2006

Just Chilling after Church

Dayo, Dupe and I...can you tell they did not want me in the picture?

Gbemi and I exhausted after catering practicals.

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More Pictures here

I miss my baby!!!
Omolayo is in Michigan for the Summer! Yes o the whole summer! 60 days, 1440 hours, 86400 seconds before I see my baby girl! I dont know how my folks survived sending me to Naija for 6 years O! kai!! I am actually getting physically sick from missing her, we talk every day but its not helping! I have closed her bedroom door so I wont see her stuff when I pass by! Booohooo Poor me! I dont know what I was thinking, I know she is in good hands, my sister is a soccer mum for life, they go swimming and skating and watch PG movies and all that other foolishness I cant be bothered with. Next week they are going to Jamaica for twoo weeks! Omo me sef never been to Jamiaca so why am I tripping? It will be good for her right? She is having fun sha, she calls me and tells me about her activities for the day.

On Friday, I was not feeling very hot, I was supposed to scoop Remi and Asandy and go out but, I did not feel like the 25 minutes drive to their house so I just crashed. I had a seminar to attend on Saturday so I was up early, I went to the salon afterwards to get my do did. I spend another 4 hours there, still miserable, I called Omolayo twice but no one picked up. Denrele and I hit the mall afterwards and I made sure I stuck to the budget, it was painfull because Vicky's had a huge sale! We all hung out at Femi/Dewunmi's crib till about midnight!

Babs was in town so we all went out to Pei Wei to have lunch after church on Sunday, I really wanted to eat at Mongolian grill, where you get to cook your own meal but I was out voted so I settled for my usual Asian Coconut Curry. We had a great time.

Gbemi and Bode came over and we cooked beans, Egusi and Efo, and turkey stew, I was sharing some of my domestic skills with them. Dayo came over and we went to the movies, we saw Sentinnel or is it Centinnel? Some shit like that sha, with 'my babe if I were gay chick' Eva Longoria. Bode and Gbemi were at my crib till midnight, I was tired as hell!

I had a dream that Princess O came home early....if the girl was here now we'd be fighting o, but I still miss her sha!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Razzzzz girl named Bola
I was talking to my girl Imade yesterday and she told me she saw a clip of some interview I did in 1997 at Unilag! So I was like really? Did I look cute? what did I have on? She busted out laughing! She told me that when it came on, her husband recognized me instantly and said "Imade is this not your best friend?" Just after she denied that it was me, I introduced myself as Bola Odegbami! She explained to her husband and his friends who were visiting that it was a long time ago and she was looking around for a recent picture! Buhhahahaha I was laughing my head off! In horror she described outfit "Bola you know that blue and white shirt you love, you had that on with my neon blue Moschino shades and your hair was some short mess and you looked skinny!!! No, you looked hungry with your long neck and you were blowing fone. Please who was that random nobody you were standing with?" I couldnt stop laughing, the funny thing about that is you could not tell me and my friends we were not the hottest things since high heels! I remember the shirt she was talking about too, omo that was my best baff at the time. LOLOL.

The interview was about secret cults and their effects on school campuses. I have always been the big mouth girl o, the one with the opinion. I remember some cult boys told me not to come to school for 2 weeks because I was mouthing off and then another incident where they almost beat my boyfriend, Fisayo, because I would not give this one cult guy a cigarette! Lola, Lolu Bisola and Fisayo begged on my behalf! I clearly did not understand what the fuss was about.

So this show was on the African channel, on Comcast network. I asked Imade to tape it whenever it airs again. That is too funny!! My name is Bola and I am an official Rasmoboge!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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MORE photos here!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The fun started for me on Thursday. Toyosi was in town so we went to Dinner and caught a movie. On Friday we all hung out at Bogarts, I love that place, food sucks but the music is great and the crowd is civil. Busola came into town Friday but I was out so we did not see till Saturday, I met up with her at the hotel to have breakfast. Please tell me why I showed up in buddie shorts and a tight tee and Busola was sitting with all our friends’ parents! Yall know our Naija parents and how they are about covering up your goodies! I ate in silence. They were cool about it sef, one aunty even had on miss sixty capris and halter top…Ok kkk! I saw my girl Fela and her husband after like uhhhmmm 2 years! Fela and I used to work together at Comcast back in the day. I left and headed home to get ready for the wedding, it started at 11am but I already decided, I wasn’t going to church so I took a quick nap. Dami and I decided to go together, yall know that’s my side kick and second born, I miss LP mehn! I would have forced her Tomboy ass into a dress too! I ditched the whole Trad runs, no one around to do my gale so we wore dresses.
Dayo and Toyosi were going to meet us at the wedding. We arrived a little after 4pm and I was hungry as hell (what else is new?) I fixed myself a plate and mingled with all my folks. My cousins were in the house sef, I had no idea they were coming. Remi, Denrele and the Banjizzy’s had left by the time I arrived. I left the wedding early and we hung out at Dayo’s crib. We were going to MD so I hurried to scoop Molayo from Ashandy’s, there was some birthday party next door she was attending.
We rented a minivan because Busola and Remi were joining Toyosi, Dayo Dammy, Molayo and I.
I slept all the way to MD. OMO I was tired! Dammy drove. We tried to surprise Babalola, How about Remi made me call him that I was dropping something at 4am o! hmm, the poor boy was sleeping and trying hard to be polite. When we got there I told him to come open the back door but he came outside instead and dummas Remi was waiting in the back. I started looking for whatever it is I was supposed to be dropping. Babalola did not make it easy; he kept following me around the van as I looked for nothing! I got frustrated and told him Remi was in the back waiting. He was all smiles! AWWW how cute! Lovers make me sick!!! I ruined the surprise but I am sure that had a great night! HEHEHEHE
So we got lost like hell in DC after we dropped Dammy, I mean like for 2 hours trying to get to college park. We finally checked in the hotel at about 6am. I slept like it was going out of style.
My sister wanted me to get her some stuff for Yanju’s birthday so I was up at about 11am. We grabbed breakfast and I was off to Bowie, I dropped Molayo off with my sister and her cousins and I went back to the hotel to get dressed. LA came to the party with Dayo, Remi, Toyosi and I at some Remote Ranch where the kids went horse back riding and played with hay. Omo, my name is Bola, I am black, I am from Egba and I aint getting on no damn Horse! We held it down on the picnic table though. The kids came back sweating and smelling like manure, aii yall running nose brats back off! No hugs from Aunty Bola! Uncle Timi and Uncle Yemi were in the building.

We went back to the hotel to get ready, Mo was supposed to pick us up to hand out with some of my friends in DC but her dad had her on lock down so I told her to meet us there. How about NEPA took light because of the storm! We sat in the hotel room hot as hell. E came by briefly to say hello to me. Damn I miss MD. After getting lost forever in DC (Yes O…I lived in DC area most of my life and I still get lost!) we called it a night and hung out at TGIF.
We headed back to NC at about 12 midnight, scooped Remi and ditched Dammy apparently she was having mad fun. I talked Toyosi into Driving the first couple hours and I caught a quick nap. I drove the rest of the way home and everyone in the van was fast asleep!
Remi scooped me from home Monday morning, we ran wedding errands and then I cooked a big pot of stew with pumo, shaki, isan, goat and beef, Denrele fried Dodo and we all ate. Shade, Asandy, Dayo and Toyosi joined us and we went to the movies to see the Devil wears Prada. ***Sidetrack***Please, will somebody please buy me a Marc Jacobs bag! I had a dream about it and my birthday is coming up, I want it in red or teal thanks!! ***End sidetrack***

I miss my Molayo so much! I called her all day and did not get to speak with her, the hell? I mean why is she not demanding somebody calls her Mum?! Remi, Asandy and Denrele laughed at me for being miserable! Omolayo…I miss you booo! I love you infinity!
On Tuesday we drove to the beach, it was maaaddddd fun! I mean besides the fact that Remi tried to drown me more than once and I actually liked it. I layed out and pretended I was getting a tan; I changed 3 times because I hate the feel on sand on my body…weird huh? Well I am from Wasimi and we have rivers there! Too bad toyosi left early she would have gotten to see the water do OMO! LOLOLOLO…inside joke. I swear we looked lik AYAMATANGA afterwards our hair had kinked up and we were Ashy as hell. I will not be publishing those photo eww…well…maybe one!
As if all this was not enough fun for my ass, I went to a get together my Marlboro Boss was having…..I missed it, stayed for a bit and headed home!
Bananas won't do, this was a fantabulous weekend!

The Odds are against me but pile up enough Odds and you are Even. The inevitability of my ability to consistently overcome overwhelms me. As do the magnificence of God's grace towards me and mine. I marvel at my proximity to my destiny. I am astounded that Can't, Won't and Later disrupt my journey to greatness. A conscious decision is mine to make and christen them Can, Will and Now! My reflection gazes back at me with another challenge at hand, procrastination hinders my reaching my destination. Don't tell me where I should go till you walk in my shoes. Yesterdays mistakes are for tomorrows amends, yet I ponder on them like the hand of time changes? Mediocrity has become a comfort zone and I have turned obstacles into road-blocks rather than stepping-stones, I find myself compromising my integrity as I try to maintain the status quo. How easy it is to condemn me and defame my character, when you really should commend me, and applaud my efforts. Intimidated by my confidence, you misconstrue it as arrogance, I know who I am.... A strong, black-diamond in the rough, a female soldier, a Queen amongst her peers.. now who the hell are you?