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Monday, April 30, 2007


So last weekend, I decided to take my braids out, it had been in for almost 2 months and I was done to say the least!
I stayed up all night taking them out, LP helped for a hot minute but then she bounced and it was me and my skull. Finally at about 3am, I was done…. Phew!!!
I had spoken with my co-worker and she told me about some lady she knew that does a mean ass weave! I was more than excited to give her a try.

Angela: Girl she is really good but she is mad expensive
QB: What's expensive?
Angela: Like $100 but she will do a good job though
QB: Ok, make me an appointment
Angela: I’ll have her call you, her name is Woodletta

I am saying though, Angela’s hair is always on point so why not? So what if her name is Woodletta?! Plus I think $100 is more than reasonable for sewn in tracks. My guy does glue in for $80 and that is mediocre service from an arrogant, self absorbed dodi-faya, I put up with the BS because he does a hell of a job. So why not try something new? Besides I am a little traumatized from my last glue experience.

I got up quickly on Saturday and ran to the beauty supply store to pick up some tracks, I called Woodie to let her know I was running 15 minutes late, she said I should take my time because she is running late too. I got to the shop at about 10:15 for my 9:30 appointment and this heifer still hadn’t arrived. The neighborhood was terrifying! I couldn’t believe I was still in Raleigh, the place looked like a set straight from the movie Boys in da hood! Except this was Bola in the hood!! Folks out on the street corners drinking 40s out paperbags as early as 10 AM?! I wound up my window and locked my door and sat in blazing heat, from fear of being shot or robbed or both! I had half the sense to run and find someplace else to do my do, but I figured it’s sorta like Buka food back in Naija…the dirtiest spots have the best grubs so I will wait it out!

At about 11:30 this we`re comes waltzing in like she was doing me a favor. I told her I needed my edges touched up and I wanted a part on the side. I am usually very tender headed and my relaxer starts burning as soon as you put it in but this cream soufflé she doused me with did not burn at all! I asked her the brand of the relaxer and she said Bantu mild! Never heard of it….. I did not want to seem bougee so I suffered in silence. She had some slow chick wash my hair and an even slower one braid it. 5 hours later, I was given the mirror and my reflection freaked me out! I figured I would go home and fix it up. I paid her the $100 and gave the slow shampoo girl $5, the apoda that braided my hair aint getting shit! I pulled the hair back in a pony tail and noticed all the tracks were still showing. I ran my fingers down the middle and found tracks with no weave sown on it! I started to cry! I drove back to the salon and asked her why I got such a botched up job and she offered to take some hair from the back and add it to the missing line! Da hell? This is not Bosley!!! After 5 hours?! Omo I was pissed, I told her to forget it and I drove back to the beauty supply to purchased a wig. Ade, Dupe and Remi all thought I was exaggerating and the hair couldn’t be that bad. LA told me to get a second opinion before I took it out. Dupe took one look at the do and she was like “Ok…please remove it!” Remi’s mum and Ade had a field day laughing at me. I begged Ade to take it out and wore my wig out.

On Monday I decided to take the morning off and get my hair done…again! Only no beauty salons were opened so I ended up at some upscale white salon in Cary! They were very careful with their choice of words in telling me that they don’t service black hair, I was rolling at how uncomfortable and akward it was for the shop owner…Buhahahahaha!!! She finally suggested I go to JC Penny and she even called ahead for me. When I got to JC Penny they called on the stylist that would work on me and she was INDIAN! OH HELL NO!!!!!! I was so desperate I actually sat in her chair and allowed her to do my hair! $85 and 2 hours later I looked like Condoleezza Rice!! I’ll bet good money she gets her hair done at JC Penny!

Lessons learned
1. Don’t let Woodletta or any of her cousins do your hair
2. The Beyonce look is not for everybody!
3. Always have a great wig on standby for hair emergencies
4. Thoroughly inspect your hair before paying for service.
5. Stick to what you know

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Crystal ball says....
So one of my girlfriend got proposed to this past weekend and has kept it a secret because they are having some cultural difficulties…can I even call it that?
So here is the story: Boy met girl, they love each other, she is Yoruba and he is Ibo, they’ve been dating for about a year now. He proposes and she calls her folks up in Naija to tell them the splendid news! Only they did not find it so splendid. Her mum says their priest (don’t ask me what sort) looked into the matter and does not think they should get married! Egba mi! Give me a break! When will the madness stop? I am so sick and tired of blaming every idiosyncrasy on culture or on the being Nigerian, does being Nigerian not warrant having common sense? Don’t get me wrong I definitely think you should pray about your mate and seek God first in all things but this is different! Since when did they become Ms Cleo? A lot of these hungry priests have no vision whatsoever, they concoct this BS just to get a few bucks and in the process ruin a perfectly good thing. If its not some priest or Babalawo, it's our parents themselves! We love and respect our elders dearly but NEWSFLASH!!! They won’t be alive forever and they are not going live in the marital home with you, only you will have to deal with the consequences of your actions. I know they want the best for us, what parent doesn’t? But what I don’t know is that they are certain what that is. Ideally everyone seeks their parents’ blessings for their union, approval at the least, but where do we draw the line? I know one couple that broke up over the dude being Ondo and the girl Ijebu? The dude parent gave homegirl so much grief that she couldnt take it…Omo who cares!!!! They allowed their families to cloud their judgment and compromised an otherwise perfect union. Da hell? So because of some ancient beef the Olori’s of Ijebuland had with the Asiwajus of Ondo….me and my boo can’t quarve? Omo….that na long tin o!
A woman dear to my heart was going to marry a man, her parent forbade it because he was Muslim then later blessed her marriage to a Christian so to speak, only this MOFO turned out to be the greatest asswipe planet earth has ever been cursed with! Makes you wonder if she had followed her heart and what coulda, woulda, shoulda been!
Granted this madness is not limited to Nigerians, but we’ve got to break the vicious cycle and charity begins at home. Please pardon me but I am outraged at the alarming number of incidents such as these that have occurred and continue daily. My own feisty views aside, do you really think that allowing others (not God o!) to decide who you are going to spend the rest of your life with shows innate cognizance of that sort of commitment?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nursery School ryhmes
Aww, how totally cute! LP sent this to me the other day. Mehn..I remember all of these!!! I dont think they recite these in nursery school these days!! Does anyone have naija ones to add? I got a couple...
'Emi si wo so po waya!'
and I dont remember how this one starts but it ends...'panti e wa ka jo so'.... oooohh and the last one 'Bread and butter baskelebe ma je o gbono...baskelebe ma je o tutu...baskelebe!!!' Damn I'm hot!!! Ok maybe those arent nursery ryhmes..but warefa...got any?

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down
And broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got
And home did trot
As fast as he could caper
Went to bed
And plastered his head
With vinegar and brown paper.

There were 12 disciples Jesus called to help Him:
Simon Peter, Andrew, James, his brother John,
Phillip, Thomas Matthew,
James the son of Alphaeus,
Thaddaeus, Simon, Judas,
and Bartholomew.

He has called us too,
He has called us too.
We are His disciples.
I am one, are you?
He has called us too.
He has called us too.
We are His disciples,
we His work must do.

Hush-a-bye, baby,
in the tree top.
When the wind blows,
the cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks,
the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby,
cradle and all

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe.
Get it done by half past two.
Half past two is much too late!
Get it done by half past eight.

Goosey, goosey, gander,
Whither shall I wander?
Upstairs, and downstairs,
And in my lady's chamber.

There I met an old man
Who wouldn't say his prayers!
I took him by the left leg
And threw him down the stairs.

Hey, diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down!
Hickory, dickory, dock.

Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot cross buns!

If you have no daughters,
Give them to your sons!
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot cross buns!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!

Hush, little baby, don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy you a mockin'bird If that mockin'bird don't sing
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring
If that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass
If that looking glass gets broke
Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat
If that billy goat don't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and mule
If that cart and mule turn over
Mama's gonna buy you a dog named Rover
If that dog named Rover won't bark
Mama's gonna buy you a horse and cart
If that Horse and Cart fall down,
Then you'll be the sweetest little baby in town

It's raining, it's pouring;
The old man is snoring.
Bumped his head
And he went to bed
And he couldn't get up in the morning.

Rain, rain, go away;
Come again another day;
Little Johnny wants to play.

Jack, be nimble,
Jack, be quick,
Jack, jump over
The candlestick.

Jack jumped high
Jack jumped low
Jack jumped over
and burned his toe.

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
And can't tell where to find them.
Leave them alone, And they'll come home,
Wagging their tails behind them

London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, Falling down.

London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady.

Take a key and lock her up,
Lock her up, Lock her up.

Take a key and lock her up,
My fair lady.

How will we build it up,
Build it up, Build it up?

How will we build it up,
My fair lady?

Build it up with silver and gold,
Silver and gold, Silver and gold.

Build it up with silver and gold,
My fair lady.

Gold and silver I have none,
I have none, I have none.

Gold and silver I have none,
My fair lady.

Build it up with needles and pins,
Needles and pins, Needles and pins.

Build it up with needles and pins,
My fair lady.

Pins and needles bend and break,
Bend and break, Bend and break.

Pins and needles bend and break,
My fair lady.

Build it up with wood and clay,
Wood and clay, Wood and clay.

Build it up with wood and clay,
My fair lady.

Wood and clay will wash away,
Wash away, Wash away.

Wood and clay will wash away,
My fair lady.

Build it up with stone so strong,
Stone so strong, Stone so strong.

Build it up with stone so strong,
My fair lady.

Stone so strong will last so long,
Last so long, Last so long.

Stone so strong will last so long,
My fair lady.

Mary had a little lamb,
little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
Mary went, Mary went,
and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.

1, 2

One, two, buckle my shoe;

3, 4

Three, four, knock at the door;

5, 6

Five, six, pick up sticks;

7, 8

Seven, eight, lay them straight;

9, 10

Nine, ten, a good fat hen;

Peter Piper picked a peck
Of pickled peppers;
A peck of pickled peppers
Peter Piper Picked

If Peter Piper picked a peck
Of Pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers
Peter Piper Picked?

Polly, put the kettle on,
Polly, put the kettle on,
Polly, put the kettle on,
We'll all have tea.

Sukey, take it off again,
Sukey, take it off again,
Sukey, take it off again,
They've all gone away.

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen.
Pussycat, pussycat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse under her chair.

Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day;
Little Johnny wants to play.

Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
Achoo!, Achoo!
We all fall down.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Solomon Grundy,
Born on Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday:
This is the end
Of Solomon Grundy

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

This old man, he played one,
He played knick knack with his thumb,
With a
Knick, knack, paddy whack,
Give the dog a bone;
This old man came rolling home

Three blind mice,
See how they run!
They all ran after a farmer's wife,
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife.
Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
As three blind mice?

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.

Eency, weency spider,
Crawled up the water spout.
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out.
Out came the sunshine
And dried up all the rain,
So the eency, weency spider
Crawled up the spout again.

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie.
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
When the boys came out to play,
Georgie Porgie ran away.

It’s raining, it’s pouring,
The old man is snoring;
He went to bed,
And bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning.

Happy Birthday Princess O!!!

I know it’s a bit late but I have been swamped lately...besides we are celebrating my baby's birthday all week!!!

I want to say a big Happy Birthday to my Princess O! Omolayo was born April 16, 2000 and became the best thing I have ever done in my life! She is the smartest, sassiest little girl anyone has ever seen. There are so many times when you wonder 'what if' but where Princess O is concerned, I cannot imagine my life without her!

I thank God for his tender mercies, it’s been a rough road but God has been consistently faithful! I thank my family and friends for their support and I thank my Raleigh folks…it does indeed take a village to raise a child!

I sooo can’t believe my baby is 7 years old! It freaks me out sometimes, that I am wholly responsible for this precious child! WOW!!! She actually wears my tee-shirts these days! Its either she is getting big or I need to stop shopping at Limited Too! LOL

Omolayo Feyintoluwa may God in his infinite mercies continue to guide and protect you. You will continue to be a source of Joy to me and all those around you. Every thing you touch will be blessed and every effort you make will prosper. You will never lack and everything its going to take (financially, emotionally, and spiritually) for me to be the best mother for you will be at my disposal in abundance all the days of my life in Jesus name. All those who curse you will be cursed and all those who bless you will be blessed.
Joy, love, peace and prosperity will seek you and dwell with you for as long as you live.
You will not be ill, you will not die young, and you will not be mocked in Jesus name…Amen!!

Happy Birthday my dear Princess O! I love you more than anything in the world!! MUAH!
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Friday, April 13, 2007

Buhahahaha...did yall see PAMELA!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!

OK so maybe I added a liitle extra....dont you agree with my nominations? Omo...this is what happens when I am forced to get to work at 9:00am, I get less done and I am more bored!

I was forced to vote myself best gale for 06 since the gale competition don scatter...nonsense!!!!

I can soooo see a brother getting shot by the popo for carrying that bag with the gun on it....buhahaha...OK not so funny!

Omo.....did yall see Mona in America? My coworker says you can look like Mona for just $2K!!! A proper surgeon will do one boob and an Intern will do the other one and you save a few thousands...send an email to buy1get1halfoff@gmail.com ...Buhahahaha

Oh ...LP, I have got to get that red teeshirt (love/hate), you think you can make that for me? Except mine will be green! When is St Patricks day yall? I think I just found a new favorite holiday!

Why na? Yes I did put up that jacked up picture of myself on WWW...hell its been sitting on my photo blog since 2004! Buhahaha....as Sade would say...thats BADDDD!!!

Is it me or does the Levi chick have a great ass? No cottage cheese, no dimples...me likes!!

Have a great weekend yall...and Please do something I havent done in a hot minute! MuaH!!! LuV YoU LonG TimE!!!










BEST Hand Bag 2006

BEST Parking area 2006

Best Gele of 2006

And Winner

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I stole this from Dolly...feel free to steal it from me!

1. Yourself: Dramatic

2. Your partner: Non existent at the moment

3. Your hair: braided

4. Your mother: Mad Cool

5. Your father: missing

6. Your favorite item: My red bag

7. Your dream last night: weird!

8. Your favorite drink: Iced Tea

9. Your dream car: Don't care about cars

10. The room you are in: office

11. Your ex: mysterious

12. Your fear: Failure

13. What you want to be in 10 years: content

14. Who you hung out with last night: LP and DB and Princess O

15. What you're not: Mean

16. Muffins: Ewww

17: One of your wish list items: Green Patent Louboutins
18: Time: Precise

19. The last thing you did: Caused an accident

20. What you are wearing: Baby Blue sweater with faux shirt inserts Pin-stripped Black and Blue and white pants, black suede shoes and Red bag!

21. Your favorite weather: Summer

22. Your favorite book: He is just not that into you

23. The last thing you ate: Spaghetti DB made last night! My baby can cook!!

24. Your life: complicated

25. Your mood: Unstable

26. Your best friend: Remi, Moji, LA, LP, D1 and on occasions Dupe and Ade

27. What you're thinking about right now: food!

28. Your car: filthy!

29. What you are doing at the moment: Typing and picking a buga

30. Your summer: Busy

31. Your relationship status: Single

32. What is on your TV: At work?

33. What is the weather like: Rainy and I wore suede...go figure!

34. When was the last time you laughed: last night...courtesy DB

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last night at the movies....
Yesterday after work I figured I would meet the rest of my peeps at the Banjizzy’s, Daddy Banjizzy was in our hood and we all went to say hello. We all left around 7 PM, I picked up LP because we were about the only to MOFOs on the planet that hadn’t seen 300…not sure I was going to like it, it had that gladiator vibe and I am a chick flick diva for life…but I decided to check it out! Princess O and Dami passed on the movie so it was just First Born and I. We stopped by our Monday Joint and ordered some wing and french-fries…Our bags were huge so we could smuggle this shit in hassle free! Totally my idea! But hey 25cents wings beats pop corn any day!
As we stood in line there was a couple in front of us and when they got to the attendant the following transpired.

Girl: I am really glad you asked me out

Dude: yeah me too…after this we could get some drinks

Girl: Cool….that sounds great.

Dude: Two tickets for 300 please

Attendant: That will be $14 even

Dude: (hands her his Credit card) here you go

Attendant: I am sorry sir your card has been declined

Dude: (Turns to girl) you got any money?

Girl: (TURNS BEET RED) uhhh … yeah! (Pays in cash)

Girl: This is so embarrassing….. I am telling everyone I know

Dude: I am sorry…this never happens!

LP and I looked at each other in horror! Yepa!!! No he dirent! That MOFO knew damn well he aint have no money and brought this babe to the movies, it was so obvious because he did not even flinch when they told him his card declined! Omo…that is bad!!!!

Reminds me of this time I went to lunch with Funmi, when I went to pay for my food..the card declined...I nearly had a stroke because i had inhaled the entire meal like it was finna expire.....thank God funmi was there...Omo...thats really bad!!! But I digress......

Anyway, we sha settled in our seat and brought out our wings and fries and ate happily as we watched the movie. My take on 300…a definite MUST SEE!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Sade!!!
Meanwhilly, this weekend was Sade’s birthday, plus Debs Boi was in town so we decided to hang out with him…Omo, tell me why everyone showed up except for Debisi! It was peaches all the same!!! Omo, we had a BLAST!!!! Apparently there was a guest list and by the time I tried to add my name to the list it had closed. I told them my name was Funmi and then I peeped Dayo and Bayo’s name on the list so my babies LP and DB were Dayo and Bayo for the evening; I knew D1 was out of town but if Bayo showed up…UNLUCKY BOSS! Buhahaha!!! I looked up some random name for Ade as well and it was sooo on!
On Saturday, I slept in late, I was so tired from the night before, I made a list of my to-dos for the weekend and decided it was time to get up! I stared at the pile of laundry that has taken permanent residence on my sofa and rolled my eyes “tomorrow after church for shizzle” I lied to myself. My Princess was glued to her TV and I decided to make pancakes and Eggs…never mind the fact that its 2pm! Negaratis threatened to keep me in bed but I shook it off and drove Princess o to the braid gallery, her hair was a hot mess and I really did not feel like doing it, I stopped at the beauty supply to get some weave for Ade, I had this idea for a hot do and I was going to experiment with her! Ade wasn’t very pleased with the results but I thought the hair had potential. I am really rocking these braids o! 6 weeks and counting…omo they are turning into dreds!
Before I knew it is 8pm and Sade’s dinner was at 7pm…Omo, I had not even showered!!! I struggled to find something sensible to wear and I settled for my halter neck top and my skinny jeans…that should do it….I went with my standard green jewelry…I so need an new favorite color! I topped it off with my green leather belt and black Suede wedges…..Damn I look fly! If only I had a pair of green patent leather wedges…Good gawd!

The pair I have been eye-ing will most likely remain in my dreams!!! It took me another 20 minutes to glam up my face and I was outhie bouthie. I really should try to be on time for sturvs…its getting kinda lame that I am always late!!!
I finally arrived at my destination and the food was peaches!!! I ordered ribs and a midori sour and we were dancing to old skool music! Everybody came out to show Sade some love. It was an absolute blast!

sade's b day

I gave BB my car to take home because she wanted to leave early and I caught a ride home with Dami.
Please tell me why some random oyinbo man was following us in his truck! He followed us home so Dami drove past my house and we led him to dupe's house instead, he followed us there too! When we realized he wasn't backing off we started speeding and we lost him at a traffic light! That was some scurry sturvs!!!
By the time I got home, I was hungry again! I made some noodles with Boiled egg and ate in bed while I caught up with I love New York reruns!

On Sunday Princess O was up at 7am, bathed, dressed and ready to go! I don't know who she gets it from...its not me sha o! We got to church at about 11:30. BB decided to ride with me to church so I let her drive...big mistake! This heifer was going 80 miles per hour in a 65 zone...with mu Kia! Oh hell na....I was hysterical, she ignored me and kept a straight face...omo...I am never letting her drive my hooptie again! Service was very interesting...Oh yeah...Happy Easter yall! After service we headed out to Pastor O crib and had lunch and an early dinner.
Finally made it home at about 6pm and crashed!
Overall.....a very awesome weekend!

As one door closes.....
OK so, I haven't said anything about my mystery lover in a bit, I guess I was hoping that we'd kiss and make-up and I wouldn't have to bore the world with the sordid details of our break-up....well looks like its really over so I am officially single again! I did not throw any pity parties, there will be no male bashing, no negativity, no angry woman syndrome! I am very OK!
It was amazing while it lasted and I guess from past experience, I know its gonna be aiit!
I am not taking back what I said either about 'when you find someone worthy of you, someone who God made just for you, the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh, you will be glad it took so damn long and glad you were patient enough to wait'..... I still feel that way. I especially feel like..... 'no matter how pained you are or how much your heart feels like its going to bust wide open....you get over it!'. So its probably with this new knowledge that no one was able to tell anything was amiss! Phew there it is...wide open. I tried to keep the whole relationship on the DL but I was sooo happy, I couldn't help myself...Don't get it twisted, I am still happy now but I was happier sha! I got teased alot about the circumstances surrounding our relationship, it was almost too fairytalish to be true, but I have since discovered, I am not the most patient Mofo, Understanding...very, patient...naaa blad! I have also learned that when you have great expectations....you are very likely to get your feelings hurt. So expect nothing and each good thing will be a pleasant surprise! I'll have you know, i got to my office this morning at 9:30am!!! I can soooo do anything I put my mind to!!! OK, I am off the catch the sale at off fifth...therapy baby!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New York to London
So I am sitting at my desk bored beyond belief and I get this email from Funmi in NY;

Just take 60 seconds to do this: Please pass this along to your friends & family

1. go to www.google.com
2. click on "maps"
3. click on "get directions"
4. type "New York" in the first box (the "from" box)
5. type "London" in the second box (the "to" box)(hit get directions)
6. scroll down to step #23

I figured why the hell not? I aint doing shit anyway! She was right about the 60 seconds part infact I think it was less sef. I fell on the floor laughing my ass off! Are you freaking kidding me? Google don mad o! Oya your turn...try it out, its worth the laugh! I even tried NC to London too...buhhahahaha....IZTEWMUSH!

Thanks Funmi!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

ATL Baby!!!!
I left work at about 3:30pm Friday cause I heard Debs-boi was in town form Jand, I headed to Remi’s crib and hung out till about 5:30pm. I am doing ATL this weekend with my make believe family for our yearly vacation, Dami-B could not make it and I decided not to take Princess O. ATL was the bombdigidy as in I am seriously considering moving there, but I would hate to leave all my Raleigh fans! HEHEHE, we got in late on Friday and drove to some joint, I drove the whole way so I was a bit too tired to mingle, and we all agreed that we really needed sleep. We checked into our rooms and were knocked out within the hour!

On Saturday, we got up to eat breakfast and met up with the other 29 folks that were in town for Lolade’s party. We decided we wanted to see the attractions in ATL and we were outhie bouthie. At about 2 pm we headed to the Georgia Aquarium. It was worth the $24 we dished at the gate, I felt like I was 6 years old, jumping up and down excited beyond my mind at the wonderful things I was seeing. I climbed into a hole with LP and Toyosi and we were face to face with the penguins! LP Dayo and Bayo all touched the star fish but Omo…I am not the one o! I really wish I brought Princess O, she would have peed her pants at the sight of the spider crab! We saw all kinds of different animals and I wondered how Noah got all these things in the Ark! We walked downtown to see a live concert. By the time it was all over, we were hungry as hell. Everyone wanted naija food so I called Moriam to organize grub! She said it would take an hour and these folks were ready to start eating each other so we settled for mama put! Omo, I have got to open a restaurant in Raleigh mehn!!! We don’t have any …not even one! The restaurant was noice, food was excellent, and service was warm and friendly. 2 pounded yam and egusi soup later we headed back to the hotel. We decided to nap for a bit before the party tonight.

For some reason, I left my Nair at home and the top I was planning on wearing to party was sleeveless! What will I do now? I looked through Bayo’s bathroom bag and then Dayo’s and I found some shaving sturvs! Hell yeah I though and I scooped the foul smelling lotion on my pits. I sat for a few minutes as instructed and then I hopped in the shower; I used a washcloth to swipe it clean and wahla! Hair be gone! After my shower, I looked for some sort of antiseptic to prevent bumps and I saw one in the same bag. I screamed like I had seen a ghost because the shit burned the hell out of me! LP came to my aid and laughed like any of this was funny! I could not put my arms down! She gave me some ointment to soothe my pits! Chineke Moi Moi!
So I was feeling like quite the artist as the young ladies lined up for me to do their make up, this one girl asked me if I do it for a living….....funny!

I have never felt so old in my life, surrounded by nothing but hot babes under 22, I tried to drag Dayo in my mood but he was too busy having a blast. These young bloods were popping campaign bottles and spending money like it had expiration date! One of them brought me a glass and I toasted to the good life. I watched as some chicks drank themselves to stupor and started falling out and reminisced about the days when getting drunk was cool ( at 28 its sooo not). Some cutie pie was chatting me up and I was feeling really bunz with myself blushing like hell when he guessed my age to be 23! Chill off now! I told him I was 29 and a mother to a 7 year old and he did not believe me….buhahahaha trying to make QB heads explode up in this murasucker! He was cute as a button but about 7 years too late!
Moriam came by to meet me there and we chilled till the lights came on! Thank God, I thought we’d never leave! I walked Moriam and her friends back to their car and she gave me a bowl of rice and designer stew…IZTEWMUSH!!! We butchered the food when we go back to the hotel and slept from the nigaritis that followed. I learned a new slang on this trip…outhie bouthie and Chill off courtesy Toyosi aka FYNE GAL from jand!.
Lolade and Toyosi came to wake us up for breakfast Sunday morning, but there was no way in hell I could get up and the thought of breakfast food made me sick so we passed. We finally got up at about 11am and I called the lobby to extend our check out time to 2pm. It was pouring hard outside but I managed to load the car up with our entire luggage. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Raleigh, LP was the designated driver so I slept the whole way back. We dropped Dayo and Bayo off and went to the Olopade’s house to steal meat because LP was still craving the egusi and I wanted to prove that mine would be just as bunz. I dropped LP off at some NCSU event and picked up Molayo from the Banjizzy’s. Dami and LP came over and we watched 6 degrees, new season yall and it’s hot!
It was a great weekend no doubt

The Odds are against me but pile up enough Odds and you are Even. The inevitability of my ability to consistently overcome overwhelms me. As do the magnificence of God's grace towards me and mine. I marvel at my proximity to my destiny. I am astounded that Can't, Won't and Later disrupt my journey to greatness. A conscious decision is mine to make and christen them Can, Will and Now! My reflection gazes back at me with another challenge at hand, procrastination hinders my reaching my destination. Don't tell me where I should go till you walk in my shoes. Yesterdays mistakes are for tomorrows amends, yet I ponder on them like the hand of time changes? Mediocrity has become a comfort zone and I have turned obstacles into road-blocks rather than stepping-stones, I find myself compromising my integrity as I try to maintain the status quo. How easy it is to condemn me and defame my character, when you really should commend me, and applaud my efforts. Intimidated by my confidence, you misconstrue it as arrogance, I know who I am.... A strong, black-diamond in the rough, a female soldier, a Queen amongst her peers.. now who the hell are you?