Chronicles of a Soldier
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

State Fair 07
Another boring ass day at this boring ass job! I am sitting here changing the font on my yahoo messenger….now that classic! Dami finally emailed me the pictures from State Fair! I sooo hate it when folks take pictures and you never get them…AS IF!!!
I have figured out what I’m going to do for my church…none of the other duties interest me…so I will appoint myself the church paparazzi! We have a particular family that dozes during sermons…..that would be a hit for my lenses! Buhahahaha that’s not a sin is it? I am trCheck Spellingying to change my ways o!

More Pictures!!!

Back to the fair and sturvs…I sooo do not do rides! I always feel like the Mofos that assemble the sturvs somehow forget a screw…Or maybe they just got yelled at right before by their boss and they are like…Pssst f&%k it! So I don’t do rides o jare! That would be a punkful way to go out! But somehow sha I found myself on one thing like that, it takes you about 800 feet in the sky and then drops you…Omo..I agree “My name is Bola and I am a wimp! Egba mi! Who sent my monkey ass? My stomach was churning like hell and I felt sick! I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!

I made sure I tasted every food they had at that fair, my diet would have to wait another 24 hours….Dayo wanted to go out and I was all for it until after I stuffed myself silly! I got home at about 10pm and took forty winks!


The Odds are against me but pile up enough Odds and you are Even. The inevitability of my ability to consistently overcome overwhelms me. As do the magnificence of God's grace towards me and mine. I marvel at my proximity to my destiny. I am astounded that Can't, Won't and Later disrupt my journey to greatness. A conscious decision is mine to make and christen them Can, Will and Now! My reflection gazes back at me with another challenge at hand, procrastination hinders my reaching my destination. Don't tell me where I should go till you walk in my shoes. Yesterdays mistakes are for tomorrows amends, yet I ponder on them like the hand of time changes? Mediocrity has become a comfort zone and I have turned obstacles into road-blocks rather than stepping-stones, I find myself compromising my integrity as I try to maintain the status quo. How easy it is to condemn me and defame my character, when you really should commend me, and applaud my efforts. Intimidated by my confidence, you misconstrue it as arrogance, I know who I am.... A strong, black-diamond in the rough, a female soldier, a Queen amongst her peers.. now who the hell are you?