Chronicles of a Soldier
Monday, June 18, 2007

I step closer to the cure!

Charity work makes you feel so damn good! I am trying to get in the habit of doing it more often (charity work that is!). Thanks to Funmi, we participate annually in the Walk for the cure, her company is one of the sponsors and they invite us to join in their efforts every year! Granted it’s early as hell on a Saturday but I really don’t mind doing it because it is fun as well as fulfilling! Anywho I made it there early this time, I even found legal parking. A bunch of us showed up to help out! Funmi’s boss is mad cool, very humble and loves it when I boss everyone around! There were loads of freebies from several companies. Who know next year I might actually walk…but wait o..did I say that last year? I mean it this time sha!

The Odds are against me but pile up enough Odds and you are Even. The inevitability of my ability to consistently overcome overwhelms me. As do the magnificence of God's grace towards me and mine. I marvel at my proximity to my destiny. I am astounded that Can't, Won't and Later disrupt my journey to greatness. A conscious decision is mine to make and christen them Can, Will and Now! My reflection gazes back at me with another challenge at hand, procrastination hinders my reaching my destination. Don't tell me where I should go till you walk in my shoes. Yesterdays mistakes are for tomorrows amends, yet I ponder on them like the hand of time changes? Mediocrity has become a comfort zone and I have turned obstacles into road-blocks rather than stepping-stones, I find myself compromising my integrity as I try to maintain the status quo. How easy it is to condemn me and defame my character, when you really should commend me, and applaud my efforts. Intimidated by my confidence, you misconstrue it as arrogance, I know who I am.... A strong, black-diamond in the rough, a female soldier, a Queen amongst her peers.. now who the hell are you?